Bus drivers urge traffic officers to work late hours

mini busesBus drivers have called upon traffic police to have late hour operations so that to stop road users contravening which they have described has become a rampant around Lusaka’s central town during late hours..

Lusaka’s Kulima tower bus drivers have called on the police to be consistent in combating traffic contravening other than going to sleep after 17:00 hours.

Chris Kawende, head of Woodlands station bus drivers said police have failed to combat traffic offences caused by their fellow bus drivers who load passengers from undesignated loading points because traffic officers do not work after 17:00 hours.

‘‘Contravening traffic rules will not stop because police officers are going home very early as such there is a lot of confusion on the road in the  evening more especially by our fellow drivers who load from the main road,’’  he said.

Another driver, Solomon Maingu, working for Lusaka Transit said there is no need for traffic police to control traffic in the afternoon when the roads are not congested. He said the busiest times are from 17:00 hours to 19:00 hours when there are more vehicles on the road.

A senior traffic officer from Lusaka Central police who spoke on anonymity disclosed to Zambian Eye that traffic police is over stretched due to the increased number of vehicles on the roads of Lusaka.

Road Traffic Commission (RTC) recently introduced fast track courts to deal with traffic offences as a way to reduce contravening and breaking of other traffic rules.

The by-law also provided for offending drivers to be kept in custody while waiting for trial.

Many drivers and human rights activists have condemned the by-law as being too harsh and they prefer vehicle impounding than imprisoning the driver.