Brig. Gen Miyanda open letter to Deputy Information Minister

Honourable Deputy Minister,
I have become aware of your comment on my Statement of 9th April 2013 but I refuse to engage in any polemics with you, sir. I feel that you did not read my statement or if you did you did not understand it. But I accept your challenge for me to justify my statement. However to avoid me going on a country-wide debate I have a counter challenge and I ask for “further and better particulars” from you or your Government to enable me prepare a focused response:
I shall be contending that the President DID NOT AND HAS NEVER invoked powers under Articles 33 and 44 when he established the Committee of Experts (or is it the Technical Committee); if you insist that he did so please indicate the date of promulgation and the specific instrument thereof. I hope that there is no cover up of the President’s omission. Is your statement the official position of the Government? I have perused Article 33, and I notice that this refers to the establishment of the Office of President. Further Article 44 is referring to the functions of the President: both are general powers. Do you or your Government still maintain that the President relied on these provisions? I welcome your joining this debate and I shall await your response for at least 24 hours before responding. But please avoid personalising the debate and instruct your Government Gazettes to fully cover me when I begin to copy to them since they had been ignoring my statements. Further I urge you to encourage our President to address the nation live then we might find that it is not necessary to criticise the Government. He was able to address foreigners again; let him address us, his own people.
[12th April 2013]