Boy George – King Of Everything: New music

After some much-publicised personal issues, Boy George is back with a redemptive new single and a video featuring some boxing

In 2010, following years of personal turmoil that culminated in him being sentenced to 15 months in prison for assault and false imprisonment, one of the UK’s most enduring pop voices appeared on the forgotten classic, Somebody To Love Me.

Recorded for Mark Ronson’s Record Collection album, it featured a bruised-sounding Boy George lamenting his own failings, sighing “see the boy I once was in my eyes” with a genuine sense of despair.

On King Of Everything – the poised and redemptive first single to emerge from his new album, the tellingly-titled This Is What I Do – the despair is still there in the frayed creases of his voice, but there’s power behind the song’s tale of trying to maintain your status in the eyes of your loved ones.

While the video – premiered here – sets the theme of the song within the context of a fallen boxer attempting to keep his crown, there’s an obvious biographical element to the opening line of “Put down the booze, let the demons win the fight.”

It’s there again in the line, “I’m sorry for the times I made you cry, I made an art of letting you down.” Asked to describe the making of the album, George confirmed that while the songs may touch on darker themes he was “writing from a happy place”. It suits him.

source: Guardian