Body of a grade 12 pupil who drowned recovered

imageBy Chimuka Moono Hanyama.

The body of a pupil who drowned in the Kafue River during the Heroes and Unity holiday has been recovered after a week of search.

The body of Emmanuel Tembo, a grade 12 pupil at Lusitu Secondary School in Chirundu district was found about 30 kilometers away from the spot he drowned. The people who were searching since the day he drowned found the body.

Emmanuel is said to have met his fate when he with two of his friends were coming from an evangelizing mission from Chiawa when their canoe capsized in the river. Two of his friends managed to swim to the shore, while he failed and drowned. When the matter was reported, a search was immediately mounted.

His body is laying in Chirundu mortuary awaiting postern today.
His death has shocked his relatives and friends.