Blame game, removal of subsidies was started by MMD says Guy Scott

Blame game continues, Vice President Guy Scott has told the people of Feira constituency that the much criticized removal of subsidies was started by the former ruling party – MMD.

Addressing a few people after the ruling Patriotic Front candidate Patrick Ngoma filed in his nomination papers, Dr. Scott told the people of Feira in Luangwa district that MMD while in government in 2010 agreed to remove subsidies on fuel in three phases. Dr. Scott who is also the PF Vice president said later in that year MMD made a u-turn due to general elections that were to be held in 2011. He told the residents that the PF government is just continuing from where the previous administration left.

The Vice President assured the people that the removal of subsidies in fuel and maize will not affect the distribution of relief food in the area. He said his office is aware that Luangwa district is a drought prone area assuring that there will be no changes in the distribution of relief food.

The PF government has come under fire following their decision to remove subsidies in fuel and maize, a move that has resulted into some students and civic groups demonstrating in protest.

There are fears that the opposition will make the subsidy removal as a campaign issue during this crucial by-election that has been caused by Patrick Ngoma who defected from MMD to PF.

Five candidates are taking part in the poll due on June 20, 2013.