Bishop John Mambo joins Black Friday campaign saying Sata has betrayed poor people

Former Church Of God Presiding Bishop John Mambo has joined the Black Friday Campaign and accused President Michael Sata of betraying the poor people who put him in office in 2011.

Bishop Mambo who is Chairperson of the Chikondi Foundation says the president has divorced himself from the plight of the poor which he strongly stood for while in the opposition.

He charged that Sata has become a lone soldier with followers who only agree to his ideals and do not offer him good advice.

“ our President used to be a good man when he was in the opposition, he stood for the people and spoke passionately about the plight of the poor, but he has completely changed after assuming office,’ charged Bishop Mambo.

Bishop Mambo has also condemned the stance government has taken over the removal of the subsidy saying it has a wrong route of removing them engaging the people instead of the other way round.

He said the removal of the subsidy will hurt many Zambian people who are generally poor.

The Former Church of God Bishop said this in Lusaka on Thursday.

Meanwhile, foundation for democratic process [FODEP] Executive Director, McDonald Chipenzi said the civil society organizations spearheading the black Friday campaign will go ahead with it tomorrow [Friday].

Chipenzi said the organization will not relent until government does the right thing.

He also condemned the stance government has taken to go flat out and explain the programme to the people saying will be unnecessary expenditure on government for all the ministers to go countrywide just to explain the move.