Bishop Chihana commends PF govt on reducing death sentence

What President Sata has done is highly commendable and i hope it is applauded by a bigger section of the public, by reducing the death sentence to life imprisonment of the 113 condemned prisoners. It gives a sense of relief because too many lives are being lost everyday in our nation and mainly through road accidents and ritual murderers and sometimes those committed to death sentences are not even the guilt ones and the law leaves the guilt ones on the streets.
It may not be the easier thing for the president to do this and some will certainly criticize him for such a touching and sensitive gesture he has given in pardoning such a big number of the condemned individuals.

From the Bible, we have testimonies of men like Joseph, Daniel, Meshech, Abednego and Shadrach. These men were godly men who were falsely accused by those who had influence in the laws of the land and since the kings had already pended their signatures to these laws, it ended up costing the innocent men to face death sentences, but thank God, the Lord delivered them.
Death sentence is never the ultimate of sentencing those found guilty but a misplaced value of the law of the land.The late great son of USA and Africa Martin Luther King Jr.  once said, “If we live a life of eye for an eye, can you imagine how many blind people there shall be in the world”.

I believe strongly that the better punishment for such culprits is to isolate them from the society into confined places away from the normal life activities.

We are also concerned about the 615 freed prisoners into society on how such a huge number shall be received and accepted into the community by friends, relatives and associates especially if their life styles were highly questioned by the prison warders. We say this because there has already been complaints from the communities about those who were pardoned and released into the society on how they were terrorizing them with thefts, robberies and murders.

Our proposal to the government is that such a huge number should be taken into Zambia National Service ZNS, for bettering their skills and disciplines in life styles and make them earn further certificates apart from what they get in the prisons. In 1984 to 1985 i was chaplain under Prison Fellowship International for Kamfinsa Prisons, i personally took a lot of time to minister, counsel and advise prisoners to such an extent that when one time President Kaunda pardoned a number of those that were serving their sentences, some of them went to the times of Zambia and testified of how changed for the better they had become through some of the work of counseling and advising.