Beautiful Gate Zambia introduces Youth Adventure Camps


Zambian YouthsBeautiful Gate Zambia is overly concerned about the lack of recreation facilities in most of our communities, especially in Townships and shanty compounds.

As a result of this, young people tend to easily fall prey to illicit vices such as  alcohol/drug abuse and premature sex especially during school holidays due to excessive boredom. This has  undoubtedly contributed to the rapid increase of HIV/AIDS amongst the youth as well as the spate of crime.

As a way of getting the youth involved in productive activities when young people complete school or indeed when schools are on recess, our organization has introduced an exciting youth programme called Youth Adventure Camps (YAC!) under the theme “CHANGING MINDS, TRANSFORMING  COMMUNITIES.”

This programme is designed in such a way that young people shall be encouraged to undertake  community work while at the same time they shall be kept busy with school work.

They shall go in camp for a period of 3 weeks. After receiving basic training in painting, brick-laying, plumbing etc the youths will be encouraged to get back to their communities and identify projects that they can help develop such as building houses for the aged, clearing garbage, unblocking drainages or repainting public facilities such as hospitals, clinics and prisons etc.

This programme is expected to run from      December 10, 2013 to January 5, 2014 and we expect 200 participants from across the nation.

We would like to highly commend companies such as Mama Africa, Manzi Valley, Deledn, After 10, MTN and individuals such as Mrs. Hilda Kamwendo and Patrick Kasoka (Ndola based business man) for making enormous contributions towards the same. Furthermore, we wish to call upon government to support this noble cause.

Thank you!

Bill M. Kaping’a
Executive Director
(YAC) Coordinator