Be hard, you will not be given the PF presidency, Chipimo Jr told.

NAREP leader Elias Chipimo Jr. has been told that he should not deceive himself that he will be allowed to be president of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Contributing to Let the People Talk programme on Radio Phoenix that featured Chipimo Jr. Friday morning, a caller who identified himself as Simbeza told Chipimo Jr. that if he thinks by being humble and gentle in opposing the PF he will be anointed to head the party he was wrong.

Simbeza said as an opposition party leader, Chipimo Jr. must stand firm and speak strongly against the wrongs that are being committed by the PF government. He told Chipimo Jr. to realize that PF needed to be opposed strongly.

He explained that PF already have leaders that are positioning themselves to take over from Michael Sata adding that they would not allow Chipimo Jr. to take over even if he is invited to join the party. Simbeza reminded Chipimo Jr. Sata as an opposition leader offered strong opposition to the MMD and hence Zambians entrusted him with power.

Simbeza urged Chipimo Jr. to participate in by-elections even if he would get ’50′ votes just to ensure that his party is on the ground.

In response, Chipimo Jr. said constructive criticism he was preaching about was to oppose and offer solutions. He said it was not just a matter of opposing what government does but to offer alternatives.

The NAREP leader explained that he will not want to go through the PF way that promised alot and now failing to honour. He said his agenda was not just to get rid of the PF but to give confidence to Zambians that NAREP will run the country different.

On his relationship with UPND, Chipimo Jr. said he was only relating with the party on a personal level and not party. He said he interacts with so many individuals in UPND. Chipimo Jr said what is important now was to strengthen the individual parties and work together on certain national issues.

By press time Chipimo Jr. was still on Radio Phoenix.