Barotseland Army Commander writes to President Sata

To:    The President of the Republic of Zambia.

From: The Undersigned People of the Barotseland, Sympathizers & Friends.

Date: 11th May 2013.

Subject: Ultimate Political Resolution to the Barotseland Dispute.


Inspired: –  by wishes and aspirations of the Barotse people for peace and unity, justice and equality, including the inherent dignity and inalienable rights provided to all members of the human kind as set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1976) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1976), and articulated for the African peoples through the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (1986).

We, wish to ask the Government of Zambia and Barotseland Royal Establishment (BRE) to immediately response to the Zambian Government through former first Zambian President Dr. Kenneth Kunda for abrogated of the 1964 Barotseland Agreement in 1969, kidnapping, languishing, evil treating and torturing of Barotseland Nationals in jails around Zambia without trial or charge on Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

The Barotseland Nationals have been kidnapped, languished, tortured and treated inhumanly by the Zambian security forces at the directive of Michael Sata who is the Zambian President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces for telling the Zambian authorities that they (Zambian Government) are occupying Barotseland illegally contrary to the UN Security Council resolution 276 (1970) and UN General Assembly resolution 2145 (XXI): We agree with the Zambian opposition party petition to the Commonwealth to forthwith suspend Zambia from the Commonwealth due to fundamental human rights violations. Without adhere to the human rights violations of Barotseland Nationals.

Determined: – to responsibly defend all inherent human rights and make sure that all human beings remain equal and free in dignity and in rights despite the kind of political belief they hold. So that all people, including Barotseland should pursue the fullest measure of their political thoughts and beliefs without fear. So that everyone is able to ask political questions, and to be provided with convincing political answers without fear, favor or prejudice.

Aware:Mr. Silmesii Mubita, Mr. Malamu Muyana, Mr. Malimora Mulimo, Mr. Christopher Muyendekwa, Mr. Tobias Lubasi, Kaiko Kaiko, Mubiana Muyunda, Mulukwa Lubasi, Mrs. Kachana Muyunda, the wife to Chairman General of the Barotseland National Youth League and many more named Barotseland Nationals were kidnapped, intimidated, tortured, denied food and water for several days and they were taken round to almost every part of Zambia while in handcuffs, the use of force by the Zambian Security Wings as a means of achieving their objectives, violence and intimidation in Barotseland will not produce non resolving problems and cause total mess from both sides. The Zambian Government have developed a vicious circle of Killing, intimidation etc in and out Barotseland, we therefore ask all beloved Barotseland Nationals to be aware and open your eyes us we advocate for Barotseland self determination.

Acknowledging: – and we are appreciating Zambians calling for a peacefully solution to the Barotseland conflict where it stated that it believes “that a negotiated settlement is not only cost-effective, but also stands the best chance of bringing about restorative justice and hence, a durable resolution of the Barotseland dispute.” Another fact that in October 1964, then Zambian Prime Minister Kenneth Kaunda and His Royal Highness Litunga (i.e. King) of Barotseland, Sir

Mwanawina Lewanika, signed an agreement incorporating the autonomous Barotseland Kingdom into Zambia which later on was abrogated in 1969 by Kenneth Kaunda without the consent of His Royal Highness Litunga (i.e. King) Sir Mwanawina Lewanika and Citizens of Barotseland.

Considering: – the assertive conclusion on the 2011 Barotse Commission submission to the Government of Zambia, UN and other organizations that “In the interest of peace, Barotse people shall continue to seek and appeal for an amicable approach to their Barotseland issue. The road to freedom is not easy but we are determined and courageous to face any challenges.”

Recalling:human rights violations committed by the Zambian Government on Barotseland which included “mass arbitrary arrests and detentions, summary executions, torture, enforced disappearances and prolonged detention without trial”.

Appreciating:the closure of the state’s case in the main Barotse high treason trial despite the unreasonable length of more and though legal experts still anticipate that getting to the end of the trial is not going to be a “walk in a park”, meaning it is far from over. We however, believe strongly that only a Barotseland resolution shall be regarded as fair and just for the suspects, their family and the entire Barotseland population.

Deeply:concerned about the negative psychological, socio-economic effects of the current political status quo in Barotseland, and particularly on the concerned Barotse population whose families are separated by exile, long detention and mysterious deaths, all because of this dispute.

Committed:to our moral submission AGAINST any reasonable political and social unrest in the country over the years which could and can arise from political humiliations and human rights violations already alluded to, trusting that the Zambian political leadership must find or grant political justice as an ultimate resolution to the Barotse dispute, we further appealing to the Linyungandambo, Barotse Freedom Movement, Movement for the Restoration of Barotseland, the Barotse Patriotic Front, Barotse Youth League, Popular Front for the Liberation of Barotseland & other Barotse Liberation Activists Organizations to commit ourselves to liberate Barotseland step by step with one goal and collaboration.

Aware & Convinced:that Barotse cases and dispute can be peacefully settled through a UN organized and supervised dialogue and referendum if the Zambian political leadership really want to settle the dispute permanently.

Observing:with keen interest of the way the current Zambian political leadership is handling the 1964 Barotseland Agreement issue through kidnapping, languishing, torturing, Killing, hatred, violence and intimidation this is not the way to peace, the only way to resolve the dispute is only the road map for total independence of Barotseland shall be discussed, since the 1964 Barotseland Agreement cannot be discussed at this moment as it does not exist being abrogated by the Zambian Government.

Barotseland Conference: Barotse people to have a conference to determine the fate for Barotseland either to remain part of Zambia or seceded from Zambia with BA 1969 abrogation.

Provocation & Cautions:As Martin Luther King Jr. a widely acclaimed Black American civil-rights activist once said “violence is the language of the unheard.” In addition, many Barotseland Liberation Army (BLA) members ready for War, we can’t leave Barotseland and go into exile.

because of the Zambian Security Wings in Barotseland. The BLA warned Barotseland Nationals, Zambian and Diaspora of potential unrest or disruptions linked to the Zambian Government through former first Zambian President Dr. Kenneth Kunda for abrogated of the 1964 Barotseland Agreement in 1969 and in the views of kidnapping, languishing, torturing and evil treatment of Barotseland Nationals. We are appealing to the international community to come to our aid. We, the undersigned resolve to peacefully seek an amicable Barotseland resolution as much as a dying person needs life, by hereby demanding, for the love of the nation.

Demand: stop all the arrest of Barotse Activists, we demand for an apology from the former first Zambian President Dr. Kenneth Kunda for abrogated Barotseland Agreement of 1964 in 1969, former Home Affairs Minister and now currently Deputy Speaker of Zambian National Parliament, Hon. Mkhondo Lungu, former Zambian Police Inspector General Francis Kabonde, former Zambian President Rupiah Banda over 14th January, 2011 Mongu Kills and Chief Inyambo Yeta and indunas send by the Litunga to Zambian State House for misleading the public that Barotseland Agreement of 1964 is not synonymous with secession while is not synonymous with abrogation in 1969.  Your Excellency, we warn the Litunga Lubosi 11 & the BRE that people of Barotseland shall never be sold for a few pieces of silver, if the Litunga seek to appreciate their pay masters in Zambia by pursuing the restoration of Barotseland Agreement 1964 which keeps Barotseland and its people in perpetual servitude while ensuring that their names continue to be on the pay roll,  Barotseland is more important & bigger than the Litunga as well as the BRE, the BNC is the highest policy making body in Barotseland & therefore whatever resolutions were agreed by the people through the 27th March, 2012 BNC cannot be undone single handedly by the Litunga & his BRE.

We appeal to all the people of Barotseland to come out of their slumber & deal with their right to self determination and begin to shape our road map to independence, the Litunga and his BRE can not deliver us to the Promised Land. 

We humbly & firmly demand for fully response within a period of twenty-one (21) days and nights from today of 30th September 2013, failure of which will compel us to no peacefully mean.

Issued by Barotseland Liberation Army (BLA) Commander: – Lt General Mwiya James. 

CC: The Barotseland Activists Organizations, Barotseland & Zambia.

CC: The Secretary General of PF – Zambia.

CC: The UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia – Zambia.

CC: All the Churches and Political Parties in Zambia – Barotseland & Zambia.

CC: The Administrator General, The Barotseland Government.

CC: The Barotseland Members of Public- Barotseland.

CC: The Secretary General, United Nations & The Secretary General, African Union.

CC: The Inspector General of Police (Stella Libongani) – Zambia.

CC: The Bishop of Mongu Catholic Dioceses – Zambia.

CC: The Human Rights Commission – Zambia & Secretary General, Amnesty International, London.

CC: The Embassies Accredited to Zambia – Zambia & The United Nation Security Council.

CC: The Acting Ngambela – Mongu, Barotseland.

CC: The Western Province Permanent Secretary – Mongu, Barotseland.