Banana boat at Pontoon Kafue is a death-trap, Ex-Civic Leader

Former Chirundu Ward Area Councillor Gift Chanda has expressed concern over the newly launched banana boat at pontoon Kafue River that is being used to ferry people and goods in the absence of a pontoon bridge in the district.

Chanda who is also MMD Chirundu district secretary said the boat is too small and it’s not appropriate to safe guard the life of the people.

The Government would have provided a bigger and double speed boat that can guarantee safety and life of the people not a manual operated banana boat which is a life risk,” Chanda said. “I am appealing to the Government to immediately suspend the operation of the banana boat (canoe) at Kafue river where the bridge construction works is being done and provide a bigger speed boat.”

Many People have complained that the banana boat is not appropriate looking at the water current and the state of the Kafue River which is too deep.

Chanda said the Government should not take chances and play with people’s lives. He said government will shoulder the blame should anything happens.
Government recently suspended the operations of the pontoon bridge at Kafue River where the construction works are being done and a small manual operational banana boat was launched by the Chirundu District Commissioner Maxwell Siamalimba who was in the company of Lusaka Permanent Secretary.