Avoid partisan politics on development issues – Mulongoti

Zambian eye mike MulongotiFormer Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti has urged political players to be above partisan politics when dealing with issues of national development.

He says issues of the country’s development affect every citizen regardless of their political and religious affiliation.

Mr. Mulongoti says it is therefore important for all Zambians to work together for the purpose of developing the country.

And Mr. Mulongoti has urged opposition political parties in the country to provide a strong challenge to the party in government.

In an interview with Qfm news, Mr. Mulongoti who is also former MMD chairman for elections says the opposition must seek solid on which to base their unity.

He says the only way that can guarantee the opposition to perform well in the 2016 general elections is unity of purpose.

The former cabinet minister has observed that the issue of individual political parties is killing the strength in the opposition and further raises questions on their capacity to be an alternative government.

Mr. Mulongoti says once his political party is lunched, it will concentrate on articulating issues of national interest and strengthening the opposition’s voice.

He says Zambians are eager for a political party that will voice out their concerns.

Sources: QFM