Audit fuel, maize donations by Sata

The Auditor General Anna Chifungula has been challenged to immediately audit and investigate the fuel and maize donations made by President Sata to ensure that the resources used were fully accounted for and to ascertain if these were made under the laws of Zambia.

President Sata on behalf of government donated 5 million liters of oil worth more than US$5 million to Malawi, he also donated K50 million to a school in Botswana and last week President Mugabe announced that Zambia, through the President would provide 150,000 tonnes of maize worth US$25 million.

Opposition and civil society members have charged that it was irresponsible that subsidies were being removed while the president was giving away maize and fuel paid for by Zambians. This was being done on terms personally negotiated by the President contrary to procedure and that this was taking place at a time when citizens were being asked to pay more for the products.