Attempts to manipulate the constitution making process will be met with resistance warns- Mulongoti

Zambian eye mike MulongotiFormer Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti says recommendations by delegates from various provincial conventions have indicated that the adoption of contentious clauses in the Republican Constitution is no longer in the camp of the Patriotic Front.

Mr. Mulongoti says nothing will stop the Zambian people to support clauses they deem fit for the country.

He says any attempt to manipulate the Constitution making process will be met with resistance by the people who want a document that will stand a test of time.

Mr. Mulongoti has since urged government to heed to people’s calls on setting up a referendum commission in readiness for a referendum process.

He says Zambians must endorse and have the ultimate voice about a document on which they aspire to be governed.

Mr. Mulongoti was speaking in an interview with Qfm news.