Asphalt Roads Zambia Ltd accused of road shoddy works in kabwe

To the Editor

Firstly When PF was campaining in 2011 they promised the youths of kabwe employment and opening of Mulungushi textiles the issue which is gone like water under the bridge and Sata has never visited kabwe since going to state house.

Not only, on top of that PF came up with the idea of relocating zambia railways to lsk the discussion that kabwe central MP James kapyanga tried to oppose but Sata personaly threatened kapyanga with expulsion.

As we speak the hq is in lusaka and most workers travel to work from lusaka living the premise with only a few workers and the place is slowly turning into a white elephant as it is with the the other offices that are located opposite central police which have been abandoned.

Coming to the issue which has wrecked my heart “kabwe roads.” The people of kabwe have never had decent roads since the unip left, last year the pf engaged asphalt roads Zambia a company whose origins and variable history is unknown to do urban roads.

In kabwe,this company moved on site in the last quater of last year with hired equipment which they hired using the money that government gave them but later after a month or so works came to a stand still forcing the people of kabwe to call on the government to cancel the contract with asphalt roads zambia limited.

But sources inside ARZ ltd said that the people in government, Sata’s son and one of them fomer RDA boss who are co-owners of ARZ ltd summoned ARZ engineers who where on site and told them not to go ahead and construct strong durable raods but instead make cheap roads.

And only from buntungwa way that’s from pumer central filling station to town gate will be the only road that will be constructed to better standerd and its evident from what have seen so far,ARZ ltd hasn’t got equipment that is used to tar roads.

The company only has hired gradders and water bowsers and upto now ARZ ltd has not yet started taring roads in kabwe, my question is what sin have the people of kabwe done to sata that he cannot give them employment or a better road?

By Concerned Kabwe resident.