As I See: Youths must desist from being used politically and stand up for what is just

By Chanoda Ngwira

Politics in Zambia has been viewed to be a dirty game, something one who is young would not want to join or participate in. The players of this game must be strong both physically and financially especially. If you have money in Zambia, then you are well able and positioned to join politics because money will definitely be speaking for you.

Nevertheless, I will not dwell much on that, my main focus on this article is the youth, I mean the Zambian youth verses the politicians, the relationship that exist between our politicians and us the youths who are mostly the majority voters and campaigners for these politicians.

We have been informed by Zambian Eye and other media houses about the protests by the youths from different political parties, protesting against politicians, we have seen and read a lot about youths protesting against named politicians in the recent past few week, to me this is sad, very sad indeed to have youths being used in bad vices by our politicians.

I therefore call upon all well meaning youths regardless of political affiliation, to try and stay away from being used by our politicians especially during and after campaigns. We can do better as youths to start protesting against unemployment, Gender Based Violence and many meaningful things unlike wasting time on these protests mainly engineered by politicians, it is a shame to have a youth who chooses to be used by politicians whose interests is to settle scores. Say no to such and please do not accept to small hand outs simply because you are hungry at that moment.

As youths, we are the future leaders and we need to guard against spoiling our own future through these unwarranted protests, these politicians will leave the country destroyed after all they have nothing to lose, let us remember our hard earned independence which our fathers fought for us, Zambia is ours and we are Zambians.

God bless the Zambian youth