As I See: Introduction

Chanodi NgwiraHello and a big welcome to you readers of Zambian Eye to a new column which is called AS I SEE.

In this column, I shall share different topical articles/stories and or discussions on many issues on POLITICS and LABOUR.

I will bring out opinionated articles and stories as I see them day in and day out.

Who am I? My names are Chanoda Frackson Ngwira, a young Zambian Political Commentator and Trade Unionist who has great passion for a Zambian worker out there who has no voice at all due to infringements of rights at places of work, having been a victim myself in the past. I have grown my enthusiasm in EMPLOYEE-EMPLOYER relationship, advocating for both of them for industrial harmony.

Coming to POLITICS, I am an ardent supporter of democracy, tolerance, freedom of association, freedom of speech and the public order act to mention but a few.

Your views as readers are welcome here as we interact on different topical issues, without you, this column will not go anywhere, i pray we will fully participate.