As I See: Hard-hitting time for Masumba, Sata must apply the law equally

Chanodi NgwiraBy Chanoda Ngwira

It has been a very hard-hitting time for former Deputy Minister of Youth Sport and Child Development, Hon. Stephen Masumba who was convicted and sentenced by our courts.

I can imagine the trauma he is going through right now regardless of his bail pending appeal, whether we like it or not, Mr. Masumba’s name has gone into our archives as a once a upon a time convict and being a young politician, he has a lot to put in to do his damage control.

After his sentence, Mr. Masumba lost his employment as a Deputy Minister, meaning, no free fuel, no talk time, no allowances, vehicle and above all, a salary. What a situation for our young politician. Beyond that, Mr. Masumba will not parsimoniously interact as he used to, his conscience will always be reminding him of the conviction and eventual sentence, for instance, when he sees people laughing, he will be thinking they are laughing at him when maybe they are not.

Even when he sees people talking about anything, he will always be presumptuous that probably they are discussing him, this is not a good thing at all, but he has no option apart from bracing himself to face the situation. On humanitarian grounds, I feel sorry for Hon. Masumba out mostly, but alas, the law has to take its course.

Nevertheless, may I take a bit of time to remind you our readers of this column as well as Zambian Eye website on the past happenings as well as current happenings regarding to government officials serving under President Michael Sata chiefly the executive.

We surely know, but probably have forgotten, that the President had issued a statement saying “No Minister under him will be investigated without permission from him (President Sata)”, I may not be literal with the exact words of the head of state, but am convinced that is what he said and meant.

My questions are, did he mean some of the Ministers, or all of them? I thought Masumba was one of his so called Ministers serving under him? Or was it a special one because the Minister who was due to be investigated was his favorite? These are some of the questions that still remain unanswered to me and presumably many of you readers.

May I remind our readers that Hon. Wynter Kabimba was under investigation by the Ant Corruption Commission together with Hon. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM, it was at this time when we heard the President issuing the statement above, we as well know that Hon. Masebo Sylvia has a tribunal in the making for her, unfortunately the state has appealed against the direction by Chief Justice that the tribunal be started, and the committee for the same was put in place.

Supplementary questions arise, are the three above mentioned leaders of a special case or are we seeing a situation where the Presidential directive is being in effect? Why are these Ministers still serving especially Sylvia Masebo whose issue has not been exhausted?

Is it not only normal for the President to dangle Hon. Sylvia Masebo to pave way for investigations as required by the tribunal tenets? And finally, how were Hon. Kabimba and Mwamba cleared? What process took place or was followed? How I wish the above many questions can be answered by the powers that be or any other person who may have the right answers, otherwise, we are seeing a situation where the law will only be pertinent to people depending on which class, race, political affiliation and family one belongs to.

It is untoward to see our justice system being manipulated to serve a certain group of individuals. My ernest prayer is that Zambia must attain a position of equal justice for all regardless of one’s connections or positions.

We need a situation where all people are treated equally regardless of where one comes from or how politically inclined one is. Zambia is our only country, and if our politicians need to truthfully fight corruption, they need to change the chic, otherwise, as it stands, we just have to forget the fight against corruption from being real, it will remain a song sung by many of our politicians who are only fascinated in our votes. MAY GOD BLESS ZAMBIA