As I See: Govt should put measures to curb youth binge drinking

By Chanoda Ngwira

It was pleasing to read about Hon. Chishimba Kambwili voicing out on doping and general patronage of the drinking places by diverse age groups ranging from youths to elderly people.

The Minister talked about bringing laws that will bring restraint among youths in terms of drinking and beer halls patronage. To me this is welcome, but is it adequate especially towards youths??

I have taken keen interest in the last few weeks of visiting these drinking places like Night clubs, Taverns and Bars located in different places, for instance Mayela of Kalingalinga, Kalahari of Massmedia, Club Vegas of Northmead, Times of Arcades, Sunrise of Mtendere, Laughing Hills of Mtendere, East point and Break Point of Kabwata, Tuta Bar of Chongwe and many other clubs and taverns.

It is dreadful to note that these places are patronized habitually by the patrons who are aged from 18 to somewhere 35 and a few cases of patrons who are above 40 years, this qualms me a lot.

As stated above, this patronage has no specific time, some bars and taverns open as early as 07:00hrs in the morning and you will see that it is already packed by young ones, the question is why this scenario, are we saying that we have many unemployed youths as I stated in my last article? The answer is yes and a very big yes.

Many youths in the country are not employed and it is a menace because these youths do not only patronize these drinking places, but they also involve themselves in promiscuity just to have some income, especially young ladies, hence bringing about the rise in HIV/AIDS cases. What then shall we say about the Minister’s stance on bringing laws to instill discipline towards doping? Is it the solution?

It is unfortunate to see vibrant youths being rendered useless when we know that they are the backbone of every nation world over like I had indicated in my last article.

I therefore implore, the PF government to find lifelong solutions to this problem as they are working towards making laws which will have a result of cutback in drinking places patronage.

Let the government get these youths busy through recreation, entrepreneurship, skills training programmes like tailoring and designing, carpentry and joinery, welding and metal fabrication and many more short courses.

The Ministry of Youth and Child development has many such training facilities, all it needs to do is source for funding and equip these schools with staff and tools, then introduce a programme which will be compulsory for every school leaver like the case was with ZNS in the Kaunda regime.

Trust you me, these cases of youths linking themselves in promiscuity will be the issue of the past and the result will be enviable. May God bless Zambia and her youths.