As I See: Address plight of the youths as a matter of priority

By Chanoda Ngwira

In my last week’s article, I talked about the abuse by politicians that youths are subjected to in this country, I hinted on a number of issues that we have been seeing in our Zambian media, Zambian Eye comprehensive.

Thanks to all those that took time to remark and or say something on the issue, above all you the readers of this column and the Zambian Eye website in general.

This week, my center of attention is not so much away from last week’s article; I still want to glance at the youth of this country, Africa and the World as a whole. The future leaders in different capacities.

A youth is a backbone of every country world over as the Bemba saying suggests and I quote “Imiti iyikula Empanga” meaning, young trees are the forest. This is true and no one can argue with that.

Nonetheless, for a tree to grow, it needs to be tended by the people in whose hands it is, this attention includes a day to day watering, feeding, weeding and the rest that are necessary for the growth.

This same applies to the youth of this nation and Africa as a whole, they need to be taken care of if they are to become handy in society, they need education, employment, in short the youths need good life for them to mature into good people.

My question consequently is, do we have youths who are taken care of in this country? The answer is a categorical no, this is because if the youths are taken care of, we were going to have a country that is prolific beyond the current state of affairs, we were going to have almost a criminal free state, a country less of superfluous protests.

The rationale is simple, these youths would have no time for all the above and many criminal vices, they would have been pre-occupied by different things ranging from school, work and entrepreneurship.

To add on, just a few days ago, I wrote about a job vacancy on my facebook page, within an hour of posting that, I received more than 100 messages in my facebook inbox and when I started going through; I came to ascertain that we have many youths who are unwaged, some with degrees, diplomas and certificates.

I sobbed and felt so bad to learn this yet we have governments coming in and going out, none of each looks at the plight of the youth. What a life?