Arrest plunderers of K20 million UNWTO money or we shall do it, warns Kunda


Howard Kunda

Howard Kunda

Statement by Hon. Howard Kunda MP & MMD National Youth Chairman

Thank you Zambian Eye for giving me the space to post this for the benefit of our great country that is being destroyed by this PF Government.

It brings sadness to the young people of our great nation Zambia to read that K20 million of their money as tax payers has been plundered.

An issue like this can not go without the youths of this country raising issues or concerns, seeing that at the end of the day it is the youths who continue suffering because of the irresponsibility of this PF Government’s failure to deal with serious matters such as this.

The youths of our beloved country that is supposed to be developed for the benefit of the future are asking how much money was realized from the UNWTO event as compared to what has been reported as money that has been plundered?

The youths are asking this PF Government to tell the Nation how many youths benefited from the  event?

The youths are asking the Government, what it is doing about the information of money being plundered by PF members and civil servants who have since been sent on forced leave?

The youths are asking what is being done on the PF members who have been named in the plunder seeing that the civil servant have already been sent on forced leave?

As youths in MMD, we demand that this PF Government should tell the nation what it is doing on the said issues of plunder during the UNWTO. The youths of this country are watching and following the turn of events as regards to the plunder of our country’s hard earned resources that is supposed to benefit them.

We demand that the ACC be left to do their work without any interference from the executive who have been reported before of interfering with the work of the ACC when it comes to the PF members who now seem to be above the law, but let me warn them that the law will surely be applied on them when that time comes when all the people will be equal in this country.

The TIME is really coming

HON. Howard Kunda MP MUCHINGA CONSTITUENCY And National Youth Chairman (MMD)