Arrest PF Youth leader in the abduction case, Police told

A Lusaka based Political Commentator has called on the Police to immediately arrest the ruling Patriotic Front Youth Chairman for Lusaka province in connection with the abduction and attack of opposition MMD Die Hard Youth Coordinator, Bowman Lusmabo.

Lusambo who was abducted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 narrated that suspected PF thugs attacked him and held him hostage for sometime. he explained that the suspected PF thugs got some money, cellphones   and other durable from him and made him to read a speech to support the PF removal of the subsidy.

He said the thugs were armed with machetes which they threatened to cut his head adding that the PF Youth Chairman for Lusaka province Kennedy Kamba who was present at the scene was armed with a gun.

Political Commentator Proud Sichiba demanded that Police arrest Kamba and will help to trace the thugs that abducted Lusambo. Sichiba wondered why Police is mute when Kamba has confirmed being at the scene and rescued Lusambo from the thugs. He said Kamba know the thugs and should be arrested to help Police trace the thugs.

Sichaba explained that there was nothing wrong with MMD leader Nevers Mumba boarding a minibus from City Market to go to Kanyama saying Michael Sata did the same and even went to buy fuel in a container at the height of fuel shortages without him being harassed that he was inciting the people.

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has strongly condemned the attacks on MMD leaders at City Market. MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba on Tuesday escaped while Lusambo was apprehended by over 200 suspected PF thugs as they wanted to go to Kanyama to engage the people on the removal of the subsidies in fuel and maize.

NAREP National Secretary, Reverend  Jevan Kamanga who said this at a press briefing describes the attacks as a’ return to dictatorship.’ He said the silence on the part of the PF confirms the widely held suspicions that the violence is being conduced with full blessing of the senior leadership of the party.

We cannot have a situation in which such levels of political intolerance are accepted by those who have been tasked to offer leadership to the nation. He has also demanded that the law is applied to restore order to the deteriorating political environment.

Rev. Kamanga also defended the Mumba’s move to board a minibus saying he has all the freedom to do so.

He argued that contrary to what Kamba said that the MMD leaders wanted to cause caution in Kanyama, police who have the right to enforce law should have arrested them.

He likened the behavior of the PF cadres to the vigilante during the UNIP era.

Rev. Kamanga has also called on PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to engage stakeholders in addressing this matter and further appealed to Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu to restrain the cadres from taking the law into their hands.