Armed suspected PF thugs storm church beat Clergy, Journalists damage cameras

Armed suspected ruling Patriotic Front (PF) thugs Friday stormed a Church in Lusaka beat the Clergy, Congregants and Journalists who were having a service praying for government to rescind its decision of removing subsidies on fuel and maize.

The thugs armed with matches, pickaxe handles and all kind of weapons stormed BIGOCA Church in Matero one of the townships in the capital where leaders from various churches, Civic Groups and general public had gathered clad in black as part of the Black Friday campaign aimed at pressing government to reinstate subsidies.

They beat whoever was found in Church including journalists that were covering the event. Some cameras were damaged in the fracas and congregants scampered in all directions for safety. Bishop John Mambo the former Oversea of Church of God was one of the casualties. The thugs continued beating him even after he had fallen to the floor.

He has since been admitted to University Teaching Hospital and some vehicles parked outside the church are said to have been smashed.

Cameras for ZNBC News crew camera and Office of the President are said to have been damaged in the fracas.

Several governance stakeholders have condemned the incidence describing it as a dark day in the history of Zambia.