Are Our Opposition Political Parties Irrelevant?

By Clinton Masumba in Solwezi

Immediately after the 2011 Elections a number of political parties have been formed in Zambia.

The Political parties formed include Peoples Party (PP), Alliance For Better Zambia (ABZ), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), The Green Party of Zambia among others.

But what are the roles of these political parties?? One would Ask!

Opposition political Parties are mandated to offer checks and balances to the ruling party.
In Zambia the trend looks different, but why is it like this? Most political parties formed in the country are formed out of selfish motives by certain individuals who have nothing to offer on the governance of the county.

Let’s look at how many political parties Zambia has, so far we have over 10 political parties in the country. But how many perform their roles? Most political parties nowadays have adopted a tendency of opposing all the decisions made by government in the name of offering checks and balances, but is this the best move? The answer is NO! Others say give credit where its due. Its very rare or it does not even happen to hear an opposition political party support government on certain issues.

Let’s go a bit on the performance of the PF government.

While its quite difficult to judge how strong a house will be on the foundation level, what i am saying is the PF party’s foundation and the implementation of their policies is clear enough to show us where we are driving to. Do we have a bright future ahead of us with this government? The answer is yes and no, its a 50-50 situation something good is coming out of the PF government and something bad as well. So what’s the way forward and do opposition political parties come in? Its the duty of opposition political parties to learn from the mistakes being made by the ruling party and offer guidance not necessarily attacking government but give clear guidance on how certain issues should be addressed. Come out and offer solutions by so doing there will be an improvement in the governance of this country.

But is it necessary to have too many political parties? The answer is NO! Why is it that everyone wants to be a President when we know the seat is just for one person. This has led to the weakening of the opposition political parties and failure to do what is expected of them.

Its now time to get on the ground and show the existence of these opposition political parties!