Another U-turn by Constitution Committee

Another u-turn within a space of three days, ,the Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution now says it simultaneously hand-over the final draft of the Constitution to President Michael Sata and the general public.

On the Committee announced that due to time limitation, the final draft will only be handed to the President. Stakeholders strongly opposed the move saying the documents needs to be availed to the general public in order to enhance transperancy and confidence.

On Wednesday, September 25, 2013, the Committee stated in statement released by it’s Spokesperson Ernest Mwansa that the position of the Technical Committee has always been, and still remains that the final draft Constitution, the Constitution of Zambia Bill and the Committee’s Report will be handed over simultaneously to President Michael Sata and the general public.

Mwansa said the final draft constitution will be released to the general public who will be free to scrutinize and comment on it but that they will not make submissions to the Technical Committee because its mandate would have ended at the handover ceremony.

The Spokesperson said the Technical Committee had intended to submit the final draft constitution to various stakeholders including the general public so they can have input on the final draft Constitution.

He explained that this to provide an opportunity for the stakeholders to comments and thereafter see if some of the views could be incorporated in the final draft.

Due to time constraints, Mwansa said the final draft will be given to the general public and the President but will not take the public’s comments since its mandate would have expired afetr handing over the draft.