Another failed promise, Government postpone Freedom of information bill

After months of delay to present the Acess to Information bill also known as Freedom of Information Bill to parliament, government says it might not be possible to present it in this current sitting.
Vice President Guy Scott said government is stil consulting on the bill before it can be presented to parliament.

Dr. Scott said the bill which was alreeay tabled before cabinet was taken before a sub committee who are analysing it further before it can be finally be re looked by cabinet and then be tabled to parliament.

The Vice President was responding to a question by Chembe Member of Parliament, Mwansa Mbulakulima who wanted to know when government would table the bill as it had not done so in June 2013 as promised.This was during the Vice Presidents’s question time in parliament on Friday.

Dr. Scott said the cabinet approved the bill and was taken to the legislative sub committee who will then present to cabinet for approval.

Government had promised to table the bill last year but postponed a day before it was tabled and has since remained mute.