Another by -election looms as UPND expels Itezhi Tezhi MP Greyford Monde

The opposition UPND has vowed to go ahead and expel its Itezhi Tezhi MP Greyford Monde after he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
UPND Deputy Spokesman Edwin Lifwekelo said in an interview that the party has since drafted Mr. Monde’s expulsion letter.
“For us, it is clear that Monde has been double dealing. He has officially forfeited his seat and that marks the end of his political career,” Mr. Lifwekelo said.
He said the UPND has always maintained that none of its MP’s shall serve in the PF administration.
“How can we work with people that are busy mutilating our democracy and disregarding the rule of law? For us, there are no two ways about it. Once our MP accepts to work in the PF administration, then they relinquish their seat. It is as simple as that.”
Mr. Lifwekelo said President Sata has been working so hard to poach MP’s from the UPND in an effort to weaken the opposition.