Another break through? Rev. Mumpasha says his herbal cures HIV virus

Another herbalist in Zambia has come out saying his herbal medicine is able to cure the HIV virus causing the deadly disease.

Rev. Isaac Mumpansha aged 87 of Lusaka says he has since cured not less than 200 people in the last 15 years, the period he discovered the herbal medicine called Loso. It a pure herbal mixture.

The herbal was last year examined by a scientist at Zambia’s biggest University and was found not poisonous.

Rev. Mumpansha disclosed that his Loso herbal is currently undergoing clinical trials at National Institute for Scientific Research [NSIR] in Ndola and he is confident that it shall succeed.

He told Zambian Eye on Sunday, September 8, 2013 that his herbal medicine is being administered on eight people who are HIV positive saying the trials will run upto end of September 2013.

Rev. Mumpansha who is a freedom fighter explained that he feels so disheartened to see lives being lost when they can be prevented. He hopes that the clinical trials going on at National Institute for Scientific Research will be milestone in the fight against HIV and Aids.

“I am so confident now that our Loso is being administered on eight patients in Ndola (National Institute for Scientific Research) and after results have come out the world shall know that we can prevent a number of lives that are being lost from this disease,” explained Rev. Mumpansha.

A Zambian based in Kenya who is taking the herbal told Zambian Eye that after a month her CD4 has greatly improved from 11 to 450. She said she felt better and could not wait to have her status normalized.

Rev. Mumpansha says his treatment takes about three months.

The  Sondashi formular  2000 (SF 2000) by a Zambian politician Dr. Ludwig Sondashi  is another herbal undergoing clinical trialsb at National Institute for Scientific Research in Ndola after it was  confirmed in South Africa that it can heal type C of the HIV/AIDS which is said to be prominent in Zambia and Africa as a whole.