An account of Sata’s drama at AU Summit as he describes it as “useless”

Zambian leader Michael Sata was on Friday booed at the ongoing African Union Summit in Ethiopia, according to an Ethiopian Journalist Idriss Ali Nassah who is covering the event. President Sata to amazement of the other delegates said he wondered why he was attending the Summit wasting taxpayers money.

The Ethiopian Journalists says its now ten years since OAU (Organization of African Union) was transformed to AU but President Sata kept referring it to AU when he spoke to Youths at the event.

Below is the account by Idriss Ali Nassah on his twitter account as followed by Zambian Eye.

Idriss Ali Nassah twitted from his account @mynassah:

Oh dear President Michael Sata just spoke: “We have been sitting here for three hours but for what? This is why Kamuzu Banda said meetings are useless.”

The journalist describes the Zambian leader as an embrassment each time he is opening his mouth.

“I don’t know why I am here wasting taxpayers money when in Zambia the people want water, education, health and Police.”

A young blind man from Zimbabwe speaks: “I have been this paper, I am just dreaming its conference programme. Don’t discriminate me.”

Sata, “In Zambia we don’t discriminate one time. Dr. Kaunda once appointed a blind person into his cabinet long time ago.

Sata: “While talking about disability, don’t forget about the people without hair on their heads.” (All other presidents look down in shame)

One participants said: “I am sorry President Sata to be wasting your time but I woke up at 4am to come here and talk to you.

Idriss: Sata has just been booed.

Sata: ” You can boo all you want but Zambia is saying the AU has no control over us. We make our own laws so no to this one Africa Passport.”

Sata: “You are booing me, with that altitude that us your leaders don’t listen to you.”

Idriss coments on the event that Sata has no sense of occasion.

Adriss: “Zambians are some of the smartest people I know. How they came to be truly led by such baffles the mind.”