Amsterdam is the biggest Idiot, PF Councilors

Four Lusaka Patriotic Front Councillors have described former President, Rupiah Banda’s lawyer, Robert Amsterdam as the biggest idiot for insulting the people of Zambia and its leadership.

Chainda Ward Councillor, Given Lwenshi, Roma ward 17 Councillor, Norman Nyendwa, Chilenje ward 8 councillor, Maggie Zulu and their Lilayi ward 4 counterpart, Martin Zulu, said Amsterdam’s use of unpalatable language on the Zambian people is proof that he is not a good lawyer.

They were responding to an article in one of the daily papers where Amsterdam was quoted to have described those calling for the removal of Banda as useless idiots.

The four said that it was up to the Zambian people to judge the calibre of the Fourth Republican president who hired an insulting lawyer who had no respect for the leadership of the country.

Lwenshi stated that it was sad that Amsterdam decided to use vulgar language on the general citizenry of Zambia by shooting from a hidden point.

Lwenshi noted that the issue surrounding Banda’s immunity should be left to Zambians to decide as the country had laws which should be observed by all, adding that Zambians cannot comment on the laws of his country.

He said the statement by Amsterdam that those calling for the removal of Mr Banda’s immunity were useful idiots was the highest order of racism which should be condemned by all.

And Nyendwa said Amsterdam was the biggest idiot who had chosen to defend Mr Banda when everyone knew that the former head of state allegedly stole government resources.

Nyendwa said Banda should channel his concerns through the legal channels in the court of law and not in the media through a disrespectful lawyer.

Zulu said Amsterdam should retract his statement and apologize
to the Zambian people because the PF will not allow him to continue insulting the people of Zambia and its leadership.