Alot has gone wrong under PF says Chipimo Jr.

National Restoration party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo Junior has charged that a lot of things have gone wrong in the country ever since the Patriotic Front came to power.

Mr. Chipimo cites the mealie meal shortages in the country, unemployment and disrespect of court orders as some of the wrongs things happening.
He says the PF has betrayed the trust of the Zambian people by failing to fulfill campaign promises the party made prior to the 2011 elections.
Mr Chipimo adds that the PF stand no chance of winning the 2016 elections, stating that the people Zambia want a government that will address the various challenges they are facing.
He tells QFM News that the PF’s victory in the 2011 elections was not because the people of Zambia wanted the party, but that it was because Zambians wanted to get rid of the MMD which they had become fade up with.
He says the Zambian people will get rid of the PF the same way they got rid of the MMD.
And Mr. Chipimo has appealed to the PF government to respect court decisions.
He notes that it is not just with former president Rupiah Banda’s case where the government has exhibited disrespect towards the courts but many other cases such as that of the UPND rally in Kanyama which the police stopped.