Akombwa urges Zambians to contribute towards national development

SEVENTH Day Adventist Church president Harrington Akombwa says there is need for every Zambian to contribute the little they have to developing the country.

And Standard Chartered Bank head of consumer banking Sonny Zulu says the bank is committed to remaining an integral part of the local economy by supporting local and international businesses to drive economic growth.

Speaking when Standard Chartered Bank donated K53 million (KR53,000) o Lusaka Eye hospital on Friday, Dr Akombwa said the government cannot develop the country on its own but needs the help of other organisations.

“We are grateful to you Standard Chartered Bank for this donation because this will help us extend a helping hand to the community,” said Dr Akombwa.

And Zulu said the bank believed in long-term partnerships.

“I am delighted today that we are all here to witness yet another strong partnership.