Akashambatwa explains why Alliances fail in Zambia



Zambian Politician and Plural politics reintroduction initiator of 1990 Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika has said opposition political party Alliances have not worked in Zambia because they are personal presidency centred.

Responding to a question on why attempts by opposition to form Alliances have not been fruitful, Mr. Lewanika, a founder of MMD and also served as Minister said initiators hide their real motivations.

“They fail because they are personal presidency centered, conducted by people hiding their real motivation, seeking to fool others, who are equally personal presidency centered and dishonest as to their truth motivation and determined to fool their-would be partner allies,” he said.

Mr. Lewanika explains that these Alliances fail because they are not focused on a national and truly and genuinely sought agenda.

(PROOF: After each meeting, there is No report of agreement or disagreement on a national agenda, just failure to agree on who should be presidential candidate, and who has refused not to the presidential candidate)” he said. “ They are a position rather that agenda focused.”

He added: “They are personality rather than nationally focused.
They are, even at best, partisan rather than inclusively nationalist.”

Mr. Lewanika further explained that the Alliances are focused at removing one person and one party occupying the one seat the many of them seek.

“Even if they form and don’t break up, they would have failed to transform and build the nation – because this is not the really the aim of these alliances,” he explained. “Thus, even if they were constituted and held together, they would fail the nation.”

Past records have shown failure for Alliances in Zambia.

Some of the Alliances that have failed are United Democratic Alliance formed  by UPND, FDD and UNIP in 2005. National Democratic Focus formed IN 2006 by late Ben Mwila’s ZRP, Nevers Mumba RP, and Rev. Dan Pule’s PUDD.

In 2011 a pact between then two biggest opposition parties then opposition PF and UPND that crumbled just a few months to the General elections.