Ailing Sata won’t manage to attend mass burial of Chibombo accident victims

After failing to visit the accident scene, President Michael Sata will not even attend the mass burial of the Zambians who died in a road accident in Chibombo last week.

He will send his wife for the mass burial in Ndola.

Sata has not been seen in public apart from peeping in cameras when he is conducting swearing-in ceremonies at State House.

Both State House and security sources tell the Watchdog that Sata wishes to be seen in public but he can’t because he cannot stand for a long time. Sources further say that the president fears the public eye as he has information that people will just be focussing on how strong or weak he looks physically.

Two weeks ago, Sata returned from a secret medical trip in UK and India.

On the day the Chibombo accident happened, Sata was swearing-in some relatives but journalists were not allowed near him or to ask questions.

He later declared a national mourning using ‘voice mail’ for the victims.