After a fight, UPND reclaims rally site

After fierce battle the UPND youths have managed to clear the PF cadres and reclaim the rally venue – Kabwata Basic School which was evaded.

The UPND and PF thugs fought running battles throwing stones at each other. Later the situation was calmed by the Police who later reenforced and separated the two camps. Some cadres from both PF and UPND have since been picked though it is not yet clear how many have been arrested.

Our reporter at Kabwata Basic School at 3pm said the situation had normalized adding that pockets of people were now trooping in at the rally which was scheduled for 12pm. The rally which is the first since elections after the PF had banned political gatherings is going to be poorly attended a Zambian Eye Political Commentator says due to the violence that rocked the place.

Insiders within the PF camp say that was the idea to make sure the rally is poorly attended. The UPND now only has about two hours to conduct their rally.