Africans should be content with Africa



Bob Marley

Bob Marley

By Kelvin Esiasa

The reggaeman Bob Marley sung a song buffalo soldier which explained the struggle of an African in American wars. His song is always thrilling among the followers of reggae music.

The song is sung as follows; Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta:It was a buffalo soldier in the heart of America,stolen from Africa, brought to America: Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival. I mean it, when I analyse the stench, to me it make a lot of sense. How did dreadlock rasta was buffalo soldier?And he was taken from Africa, brought to America.

Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival. Say it was a buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta. Buffalo soldier, in the heart of America. If you know your history, Then you would know where you coming from, Then you wouldn’t have to ask me, Whom the heck do you think I am.Im just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America, Stolen from Africa, brought to America, Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival; Said he was a buffalo soldier win the war for America…..the song continues…

The lyrics in the buffalo soldier song aggravate my feelings when I seen many Africans rush to go to Europe in search of survival and better life. Some Africans think life is only in Europe and America. They also think things can only be done in Europe and not in their homelands. This is why many of the Africans are in a hurry to find ways of how they can get to Europe. In search of better life,   a number of Africans have used different methods to get to  Europe. Some have used illegal methods to enter the western world while others have used the legal  method.

The recent disaster on the Island Lampedusa has left many African families with tears.  A number of families are mourning their beloved ones that died in the accident. The media reported that more than 200 people died in the tragedy. The fishing ship that was smuggling 500 African migrants to Europe sank near the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa.

The York Times reported that a ship filled with migrants apparently trying to reach Europe capsized in the Mediterranean Sea about 100 nautical miles southwest of the island nation of Malta, sending rescue boats and helicopters racing to the scene. The accident occurred about 60 nautical miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa, in waters that fall under Malta’s jurisdiction. The area is regularly plied by smugglers bearing migrants from Africa seeking economic opportunity in Europe. Most of the people that perished were trapped 50m under the water,trapped in the sunken fishing boat.

Stories like the disaster in the Mediterranean sea continue to leave the world with tears. But the big question among many Africans has been why is it that people were ready to die just for them to reach Europe despite many stories and cautions from relevant authorities. Many media have run documentaries aimed at explaining the life of Immigrants in Europe and America.

Authorities have also explained to local citizen why it was necessary for their own citizens to remain where they are. A Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua recently had to negotiate for the release of his fellow countrymen who were imprisoned in Libya. My sister who had stayed in USA also explained to me that living in USA for many Africans was not as it was reported. She explained to me that some people need to have many jobs for them just to survival.

With all these stories being reported African immigrants need to begin evaluating their choices. They need to start exploring their options on how they should manage their lives. For instance, is it worth to sacrifice to go to USA just to become a cleaner and sleep on the street of York just because I want to be in Europe or USA? Or is it worth it to withstand the cold of the ocean just because I want to go to Europe.

History has it that Africa forefathers fought against slavery and imperialism. So there is no need for their off springs to start reversing their forefathers’ efforts. Africans should know that the African continent is the continent of the future and individuals that are going to remain on the African continent would be better than those that would be away from it.

Africans should also understand that their lives begin and end in Africa. When they go to Europe, China, USA they will always be referred as illegal immigrants or even subjected to a lot challenges. Many western countries are busy changing immigration laws in order to strength internal security. So many Africans who have nothing to do in these countries will be always be the victims of such laws.

Moreover, many of the richest people in the world today draw much of their riches from Africa. It is also true that many of the countries in the Western Europe including USA are rich because of Africa. Besides many of the African Immigrants when returning to Africa they have nothing to show off.

Therefore, Africans should be now divert their energy and concentrate on developing Africa rather than thinking on how they will sneak into Europe. African leaders should also develop policies that would ensure that their citizens remain glued to their homeland.