PRETORIA– The African Union (AU) reform process is a priority for the Kingdom of Morocco, says Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Nasser Bourita, who notes that a reformed AU will be a catalyst for intra-African co-operation, which Morocco has chosen as a flagship policy in its relations on the continent.

In an interview published as part of a report by the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies (ISS Africa) on the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC), he added that the kingdom had submitted its contribution to the crucial debate on AU reform to President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, in his capacity as chair of the AU reform process. Morocco also participated actively in the Kigali Retreat to discuss the reform process in May 2017.

“We would like to underscore the leadership of Rwanda’s president on this important issue and pay tribute to the work that he is accomplishing. The report ‘The imperative to strengthen our Union’ is an important and pragmatic document. It contains important proposals that AU members need to discuss in depth,” Bourita said.

“Morocco’s view is that the AU is at a crossroads; we believe now is the time for an effective and efficient AU. The Kingdom has important multilateral diplomacy experience, and we think that AU reform needs to be bold and holistic in scope in view of the many challenges and threats that the continent faces in peace, security and sustainable development.”

The foreign minister underlined in this regard that the AU reform process needs to be a “consensual one”. “We had a very healthy debate on the issue during the 29th and 30th AU summits. I am sure that the coming weeks and months will witness important consultations and discussions,” he said.

Morocco is eager to share its expertise and its know-how in the fields of peace and security, sustainable development, migration, climate change and other domains, Bourita added.