African Dialogue to host an hour program on Barotseland on Channel Africa

channel AfricaOn Wednesday October 23, 2013, Channel Africa on its African Dialogue Show will discuss the Barotseland Agreement 1964 from its Johannesburg Studios from 11:00hrs CAT (Central African Time) – 12:00hrs CAT (Central African Time).


The show, which will be broadcast to the whole world via Shortwave, Satellite and Internet Radio, invites participation and interaction from anyone interested to call in live or interact through social media such as Facebook and Twitter

Channel Africa is an International Radio station whose mandate is to support South Africa’s Foreign Policy enshrined in the Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s vision and mission, and contribute to the development of Africa, supporting peace, democracy and good Governance through the production and broadcast of innovative, dynamic and stimulating news, current affairs and informal knowledge building content in English and other major African languages.

The talk show, Africa Dialogue, hosts various experts on interesting and important issues affecting Africa and the globe. The show is co produced by Gontse Moyahi and also anchored by Zikhona Miso, and is broadcast in English.

Channel Africa broadcast live on three platforms; Shortwave, Satellite, and Internet.

Its broadcasts are in English, French and Portuguese as well as in Silozi, Chinyanja, Kiswahili. The Satellite broadcast is via PAS 10 and is accessible through SENTECH‘s vivid decoders.

The Shortwave broadcast covers the South, East, Central and West Africa. The Satellite broadcast covers the sub-Saharan region although it can be picked as far as London. The Internet broadcast covers the entire world.

The programme can be listened to by clicking on this link here.