Actionaid Joins Calls for Sata Medical Board

Action Aid says calls for a medical board to examine the suitability of President Michael Sata to run the affairs are justified given the rapidity with which he is neglecting some of his core functions.

Executive Director Pamela Chisanga says it was now increasingly clear that there could be a problem with President Sata skipping important meetings.

President Sata has locked himself away from the public for two months now with all the core public functions being delegated to his subordinates while the public speculates about his real state of health or ability to run the affairs of the nation on health grounds.

“If he fails to attend a number of those critical meetings, I think the red flag should go up and we should begin to question his ability to run the affairs of that office,” she said.

“Because he cannot only perform certain functions of that office and neglect other core functions but if he is not able to and that is part of his core function, we need to institute, a medical board to examine whether he is capable of running that office.”

She said that if he was unable to perform the core functions of his job then there was need to review the situation.

“I think personally, look at whether he is generally capable, if he is not able to perform certain functions of his job, there should be a review to look at everything that he is doing, is he doing everything okay or are there certain key functions that he is not able to perform. When we understand why he is not able to perform if it is on medical grounds then we can institute a medical review.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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