Acting Chief Justice is incompetent, abusing her office to please Sata-Kasenengwa MP

Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima has launched a scathing attack on Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda for alleged incompetence.
Ms. Kalima has since demanded that Justice Chibesakunda immediately resigns from her position in the interest of the nation.Ms Kalima said it has become clear that Justice Chibesakunda has continued to act in her position in order to deliver the PF’s wish of creating a de facto one party state.
She said, “Acting Chief Justice Chibesakunda is highly incompetent, she does not have the qualifications to head the Judiciary in this country. She was nominated for the purpose of pushing President Sata’s selfish agenda.”
“This woman should resign immediately. Infact I wish to appeal to her conscious if she still has one to leave the bench. She is way past her retirement age and Parliament has rejected her appointment. It is clear that she is not wanted by the Zambian people.