ABZ Slams Kambwili [press release]

The following press release was distributed by Alliance for Better Zambia Copperbelt Province:

The statement by Patriotic Front (PF) Roan Member of Parliament Mr. Chishimba Kambwili that ABZ leader Father Frank Bwalya is a political novice can’t pass without a comment. It is not true that our leader is a political novice. What is true is that Father Bwalya will never be a champion in the dirty and malicious politics that Mr. Kambwili practices. Zambians know very well that Mr. Kambwili has ordained himself as the high priest of insults, threats and lies in our politics. Our party is in possession of a recording of what he said in Luanshya on Sunday 17 August 2014 during a rally to drum up support for their candidate in the local government by-election. Any person who would listen to the recording would be convinced that Mr. Kambwili is a bully who enjoys threatening and insulting people. For him all the people who work hard to earn a living use witchcraft. He is clearly the most ungrateful person I have ever seen.

The recording is full of lies, malicious accusations and scandalous pride. Mr. Kambwili represents the bad culture of insults in politics. It is behaviour such as this by Mr. Kambwili that makes people say politics is a dirt game.

But Father Bwalya is a naturally intelligent and highly gifted leader whose time as a political novice was short lived. By 2009 Father Bwalya had become a powerful political figure in Zambia. He organized huge political rallies that Mr. Kambwili gladly jumped on to promote the selfish interests of PF. Recordings of such rallies are available in which Mr. Kambwili made a lot of promises including a people driven constitution. In short, Mr. Kambwili rode on the back of the same Fr. Bwalya that he now calls a mad man.

But we are not surprised because a man that Mr. Kambwili campaigned for with Father Bwalya as Member of Parliament in 2011 Mr. Steve Chungu of Luanshya constituency was called a car thief when he differed with him.

However, as ABZ youth we shall not sit idle and see a man who has no credentials in clean politics launch unjustified attacks on our leader. We vow to continue defending the integrity of our leader who selflessly did a lot for PF.

Finally, we want to remind Mr Kambwili that he should not allow his pride because of the money he has made to go to his head and continue insulting innocent people.

Wilson Kafunga



Source : Zambia Reports

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