A Word to our leaders: Put Your House in Order

By Eros Ilunga
Today I want to speak directly to our leaders, particularly leaders in government and the ruling Patriotic Front.  First of all I want to remind you that you hold positions of leadership because God has allowed you to do so (Romans 13:1).
Therefore, your accountability is first to God, by whose authority you exercise that delegated authority and then to the people whom God has put under His charge. The same God who put you in authority can remove you when He so wishes because He is sovereign and no one can question Him (Daniel 2:21).
I would like you to reflect on the beautiful story found in 2 Kings. It is as story of judgment to a leadership and also a story that demonstrates that God is a God of a second chance, a God of mercy. God wants to show you mercy if you are willing to humble yourself and make amends.
The PF came to power because it resonated with the voice of the downtrodden majority (the voice of the people is the voice of God). The majority of Zambians cried against injustice, corruption, patronage, arrogance, cronyism, selective justice, stifling individual liberties and other vices perpetrated by the MMD regime.
In the last two and a half years of your reign, a number of things have gone wrong, things which violate God’s principles of justice. Today you our servants have perpetrated violence against your own citizens; you have arrested political opponents on trumped up charges; you have arrested journalists whom you suspect to be aligned to the opposition. Innocent Zambians have lost their jobs because they were seen to be opposition sympathizers. As though that were not enough, you have gone as far as desecrating the house of God by taking violence there!
The firing of nurses is another of you unjust actions, you have refused to reverse just because you felt the UTH nurses were incited by Hakainde Hichileme. Meanwhile innocent lives are being lost every day because of this, but you refuse to take heed. Today top jobs in the Civil Service and Foreign Service and big contracts have become a preserve of friends and family of the ruling party, the worst form of nepotism and cronyism in the recent history of Zambia.
You have continued on the same self-destructive path like MMD of applying selective justice. For example, why has Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) suddenly become a subject of investigations just because he disagreed with the President? When these issues were earlier raised, you brushed them aside and cleared GBM together with Wynter Kabimba.
When your wrongs are pointed out you have shown us arrogance, arrogance through press releases by the Chief Government spokesman and State House press aide and other statements by various leaders.
But this is what the Lord says, “Can a corrupt throne be allied with you – one that brings on misery by its decrees?” (Psalms 93: 20).  My word to you is put your house in order like Hezekiah did. God will forgive you and give you many more years to rule. But if you refuse and rebel, the hand of God will be against you.