A fight breaks out in Kabwata, Police watch helpless

Suspected ruling Patriotic Front hired thugs have attacked a Rosa Minibus carrying opposition UPND cadres for a rally in Kabwata.

The incidence happened a while ago around 1pm when the bus was approaching Kabwata Basic School grounds the venue for rally. The thugs that besieged the venue early Sunday morning preventing members from attending the meeting started throwing stones at the bus.

UPND cadre injured in the fracas

UPND cadre injured in the fracas

And a fight has erupted between PF thugs and UPND cadres in Kabwata and the situation is getting bad as the two groups stone each other.

This happened in the full view of the police who watched helplessly, our reporter at the scene says. The bus had to speed off leaving the venue.

Meanwhile the police in riot gear by 11am were forced to move to the rally site to prevent what eye witnesses on the ground describe as a looming blood bath between the UPND cadres and suspected hired thugs. The armed police are monitoring the situation and have lined up from Chilimbulu Road to Kabwata Basic School.

There is heave presence of the police it is very tense here, our reporter explained adding that the situation is likely to scare some people that may have wanted to attend the rally.

Despite heave presence of the police there is little being done to calm the situation. The PF thugs have found their to the venue chanting PF slogans and waving PF materials. By time to go to press the two groups had engaged in a fierce fight throwing stones at each other.