A Big Thank You To Lukulu: Sata is on his way out!!

By Edmond Lifwekelo

The writing is on the wall, Michael Sata and his Patriotic Front party has been rejected by the people of Western Province. Sata thought that he can play with the people of Western Province like small kids, thought he could manipulate them through their sufferings, but he was mistaken.

The people of Western Province do not want Sata and his regime anywhere near them. To them this man and his minions represent the worst night mare they had ever had. This man has tortured the westerners, ridiculed them and he thinks he can just walk in and say “vote for me?”

Sata’s fortunes have dwindled and the sooner he realizes the better. His party will soon be reduced to a certain region only. He knows very well that he has no chance in Lusaka, Copperbelt, North Western, Central, Western, Eastern and Southern Province. Yes the writing is on the wall that these cowboys will leave power in 2016.

Sata and his PF have lamentably failed and the results in the coming bye elections will show. For those doubting compare UPND’s performance in Kapiri Mposhi in 2011 and now.

The PF have narrowly won Kapiri through bribes and intimidation, despite Kapiri being near their villages!

But the real winner is the UPND and its leader President Hakainde Hichilema. Zambians have now realized that real change will only come through the UPND, and not Sata and his ad-hoc party the PF . Sata has completely lost direction and he is now panicking.

So we say thank you again to Lukulu. Don’t be intimidated by threats of no development, Sata and his minions do not own Zambia. Zambia is too big for Sata and his group. Suffer for now, but liberation will soon come your way.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not represent Zambian Eye but the Author