71 Linyungandambo accused of treason moved out of Mongu

Zambia Police through their command spokes person has confirmed moving 71 Linyungandambo Barotse treason accused from Mongu Central Prison to Mwembewshi Remand prison pending their case hearing on the October 2, 2013, citing congestion at the Mongu Central Prison.

It may be noted that up until now Zambia Police have been counting 59 arrested. However, Zambia Police Commissioner Kasosa on September 19, said that those transferred to Mwembeshi were 65 male and 6 female, a total of 71.

According to Barotsepost, the Barotse treason accused detainees were moved Wednesday night from Mongu to Lusaka for some unknown reasons, with four others having been arrested in Kalabo.

The latest to be arrested were named as a Mr. Mashekwa, Mutungulu, Lubasi and Mr. Sianga a school teacher at Kalabo High School. See report here.

Meanwhile, some families of some of the accused have complained and reported that their relatives on Anti Retro Therapy (ART) have gone for three days without their vital medication.

A family spokes person who spoke on anonymity said some of the detainees who are on ARVs have run out of the essential drugs and have already gone for three days without taking these essential drugs