4 gang-rape Mpongwe teen

FOUR men on Monday gang raped an 18-year-old girl in Mongwe, Central Province.     

And a 68-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Mandevu area is nursing serious burns at home after her daughter poured hot porridge on her leg.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela, who confirmed the incident said the girl was raped on Monday and one suspect had since been arrested.

“An 18-year-old girl has been raped by four men of which one has been arrested while the three others are on the run,” Kanjela said. “The incident occurred on April 2, 2013 between 10:00 hours and 22:00 hours at Mpongwe turn-off area.”

Kanjela named the suspect arrested as Mike Manyongo.

“Facts of the matter are that, the victim (unnamed)was dragged into the bush by four men and tied her legs and hands. It was when they started having carnal knowledge of her several times. She sustained bruises on her private parts and general body pains,” she said in a statement.