204 Congolese refugees return home

Refugees in a UNHCR Truck

Refugees in a UNHCR Truck getting ready to go home

The 204 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) refugees who entered into Zambia through Lukwesa chiefdom in Mwense district have returned to their country.

Mwense District Commissioner Victor Kasuba said the refugees returned yesterday January 23 2013 around 06:00hours and have since arrived in Congo safely.

Kasuba said the refugees decided to return voluntarily because they were informed by their Congolese relatives that the situation in Congo is now peaceful.

The District Commissioner has since appealed to the United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) not to panic saying the refugees have arrived in their country safely.

And Kasuba said pupils at Musungampashi primary school where the refugees had been kept will now go back to school.

Meanwhile,  Kasuba has thanked Luapula provincial administration for the quick response and support rendered to the refugees.

He said over 1500 kwacha rebased was spent to meet the needs of the refugees for their short stay in Zambia.

The refugees entered into Zambia on Saturday January 20, 2013 and were kept at Musungampashi primary school in Chief Lukwesa’s area in the Luapula District’s Mwense district.