‘Tunisia, which will host the second African Beach Games from June 23 to 30, will show its legendary hospitality,’ President of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA), Algerian Mustapha Berraf said Wednesday, “Tunisia has taken the right measure for this event and we are very proud of it,” said Berraf, in a speech published on the official ANOCA website, on Africa Day celebrated on May 25 each year. “We are 30 days away from one of the African sporting events which will bring together more than 1,000 athletes and a huge audience from all corners of the continent and the world. The countdown to the home stretch of the Hammamet Games begins today,” he said. “We are ready to show to the world our wide range of experience in organising major sports competitions. Since the first edition, the African Beach Games have been part of our register. Tunisia will show its legendary hospitality. Tunisia has taken the right measure for this event and we are very proud of it,’ added the ANOCA President. He specified that “the second Hammamet Beach Games are a very important form for these young people who have come from the four corners of Africa. The city of Hammamet will be the destination of African young athletes this June. To achieve such moments of fusion, Africa must be a haven of peace.’ Berra further said ‘Africa will be celebrated on May 25, May 2023 and Africa’s Olympic and sporting spirit will be on display in Paris. Together, we will participate in the Olympic Games and once again make the continent’s voice heard through the feats of our athletes, who will, as always, demonstrate professionalism, dedication and courage. Every one of their performances in Paris 2024 will sound like a victory for peace in Africa.’ The continent’s youth are the future, and their leadership is a prerequisite. More than 550 million young Africans are under the age of 18. ‘This is a breeding ground that must flourish to contribute to Africa’s development,” added the President of the continental body and member of the International Olympic Committee.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse