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Cameroon Police Chase, Beat Opposition Leader Supporters

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON – Witnesses say Cameroon police have chased and beaten at least 200 opposition supporters outside the home of opposition leader Maurice Kamto, who has been under de facto house arrest for over a month.  Anti-riot police were deployed to Kamto’s home this week to contain crowds of supporters demanding he be released.  Police

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Peace and Conflict

Despite the broad political support and hopes for United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ global ceasefire initiative, the COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by the continuation of political violence across conflict-affected countries. While there are several conflict parties that initially followed up on the ceasefire call—such as the National Liberation Army (ELN) in Colombia or separatist

West Africa Seasonal Monitor: October 20, 2020

• The Intertropical Front (ITF) southward retreat (Figure 1) is progressing with a slight delay from eastern Mali to Chad but timely in southern Mauritania and northern Senegal. • The 2020 growing season has been characterized by mostly average to above average and well-distributed rainfall. • The Senegal-Mauritania border suffered from uneven rainfall distribution in

De Havilland Canada Delivers Two Dash 8-400 Aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines

The deliveries include the airline’s milestone 30th Dash 8-400 aircraft The Ethiopian flag carrier and its strategic airline partners continue to showcase the outstanding operational performance of the Dash 8 aircraft across Africa Images relating to this release are available at https://dehavilland.com/en/media TORONTO, Oct. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (“De Havilland […]

ستيرلنج وويلسون: تشيد محطة توليد الطاقة الهجينة لتخزين الطاقة الشمسية في النيجر

 لاغوس، نيجيريا23 أكتوبر 2020 / شبكة بي آر نيوزواير الإخبارية PRNewswire / – أعلنت شركة ستيرلنج وويلسون الخاصة المحدودة (SWPL)، الشركة الهندية الرائدة في مجال الهندسة والمشتريات والبناء (EPC)، اليوم أن قسم تخزين الطاقة الهجينة (HES) يتمتع بعقد شراكة تحالف مع شركة إي بي سي فيرجنت الفرنسية، وشركة إس إن إس نيجر، بموجب عقد الهندسة والمشتريات […]