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Les quatre projets de logiciels de base open source de Huawei insufflent une puissance de calcul diversifiée dans chaque ligne de code

SHANGHAI, 12 octobre 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei a organisé le Computing Industry Basic Software Summit à Shanghai et a montré les réalisations faites après le lancement des projets de logiciels de base open source. Un écosystème de base a été établi autour d’openEuler, openGauss, openLooKeng et MindSpore. Jiang Dayong a présenté la stratégie des logiciels de base de […]

Covid-19: Africa ‘needs $1.2tn’ to recover coronavirus losses

WASHINGTON, The economic damage as well as the health costs caused by coronavirus has left Africa needing $1.2tn over the next three years, the International Monetary Fund has said. IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said the world “must do more to support Africa to [recover]… from this crisis”. Africa has had fewer Covid infections and deaths

African Union lifts Mali’s suspension over coup

ADDIS ABABA, The African Union’s Peace and Security Council has lifted Mali’s suspension that was imposed following a military takeover of the country in August. The council has tweeted that Mali can now fully participate in all AU’s activities. Mali was suspended from the continental body in August soon after mutinous soldiers seized power and

Over 80 per cent of IMF Covid-19 loans will push austerity on poor countries

Over 80 per cent of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Covid-19 loans recommend poor countries hit hard by the economic fallout from the pandemic adopt tough new austerity measures in the aftermath of the health crisis, Oxfam warned today. New research shows that since the pandemic was declared in March, 76 out of 91 IMF

2020 Global Hunger Index: One decade to zero hunger linking health and sustainable food systems

What do we know about the hunger situation worldwide? Has progress been made or are there any setbacks? Using the Global Hunger Index, the global hunger situation can be calculated and assessed. The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a tool designed to comprehensively measure and track hunger and undernutrition at global, regional, and national levels.

Criminalization of Search-and-Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean Has Been Accompanied by Rising Migrant Death Rate

The deaths of more than 350 migrants in the 2013 sinking of an overloaded smuggling vessel off the Italian island of Lampedusa shocked the world and reignited debate over the European Union’s response to the increasing numbers of asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean Sea. At first, frontline EU Member States moved swiftly to set up

World | Temperature Anomalies in September 2020 – DG ECHO Daily Map | 12/10/2020

September 2020 was the warmest September on record, with the global average of 0.05°C warmer than the previous warmest September in 2019, and 0.63°C warmer than the 1981-2010 average for September. Temperatures were exceptionally high over northern Siberia, continuing a trend in which large parts of the region have been affected by temperatures considerably above

Desert locust upsurge: Progress report on the response in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen | May – August 2020

With over seven decades of experience in detecting, reporting and managing desert locust infestations, and five decades in preventing and responding to humanitarian emergencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations works closely with affected countries, providing crucial technical support and guidance in response to the 2020 desert locust upsurge. Since January 2020,

Donors must double investments to stamp out hunger

12 October 2020, Rome – If donors double their investments and spend the money wisely, they could help end hunger by 2030, a coalition of research groups said in a call-to-action ahead of World Food Day. Donors must spend an additional US$14 billion on average each year between now and 2030, roughly double what they